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Doctor Mahdi Dahmardeh

The University of Tehran, The Islamic Republic of Iran

Dr Mahdi Dahmardeh is Faculty Member and Assistant Professor at the University of Tehran, The Islamic Republic of Iran. He's got B.A. in English Language Translation and an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. His PhD focused on 3 different subjects; Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Applied Linguistics and Education.

Dr Dahmardeh has published some books and articles on aspects of ELT, ESP and EAP. His research interest particularly lies in curriculum development along with studies on textbooks for foreign/second language teaching. Dr Dahmardeh has been collaborating with different international journals such as International Journal of Applied Linguistics. Read more ... or Read more ...



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Professor Daniel Albright

The University of Harvard, The United States of America

Prof Daniel Albright is the Ernest Bernbaum Professor of Literature at Harvard University. Among his books are studies of Modernism in literature, painting, and music, Modernism and science, and Shakespeare and music. His principal research interest is the relations among the various artistic media (sculpture, music, painting, poetry)--how, in a multimedia work, they can reinforce one another or counterpoint against one another. Read more ...



Professor S P Dhanavel

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, The Republic of India

Prof S P Dhanavel is faculty member of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Madras. His publications include The Indian Imagination of Girish Karnad (2000), Writing for Mass Media (2005), Purpose of Life (1998) Muse Time (1998), Poetry of Life (1997), Critical Perspectives on American Literature (2008), English and Communication Skills (2009), English and Soft Skills (2010), and The Changing Face of ELT (in Press). He has also published over 55 research articles in national and international journals. He is keenly interested in developing innovative methods and materials for teaching and learning English language, literature, communication, and soft skills. Read more ... or Read more ...




Doctor Willem Hollmann

The University of Lancaster, Great Britain

Dr Willem Hollmann is lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Lancaster, Great Britain. His research falls into three strands. Cognitive-typological linguistic theory and methodology, Language change and the history of English, Dialect grammar. His main admin responsibilities are Director of Studies for the BA students in English Language and Visiting Scholars Coordinator at the University of Lancaster. He's also a staff rep on the LAEL Society, departmental students' society. Outside the Department, he is very active in relation to linguistics and education/pedagogy. He is one of the founding members of the Northwest Network for English and Linguistics Pedagogy. On the national level, he's a member of the LAGB's Education Committee, the Committee for Linguistics in Education (CLIE), and the Treasurer of the UK Linguistics Olympiad committee (UKLO). Read more ... 



Professor Francis Katamba

The University of Lancaster, Great Britain

Prof Francis Katamba is Professor in Linguistics at the University of Lancaster, Great Britain. His research interests are in the areas of English phonology and morphology, morphological theory, phonological theory, and African linguistics. Professor Katamba has published many articles and books which can be viewed via his own website. Read more ... 


Professor Gholam Reza Kiany

The University of Tarbiat Modares, The Islamic Republic of Iran

Prof Gholam Reza Kiany is Professor in TEFL at the University of Tarbiat Modares, The Islamic Republic of Iran. His research interests are in the areas of Testing and related issues, Research methodologies, Psycholinguistics and language learning, Second language teaching and learning issues, Programme Evaluation, ESP & EAP. Professor Kiany has published many articles and books which can be viewed via his own website. Read more ... 


Professor Jane Medwell

The University of Nottingham, Great Britain

Prof Jane Medwell is Director of Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Social Sciences. She teaches PGCE and early childhood studies in the School of Education, University of Nottingham. She has been a lecturer in other Universities and a teacher in primary schools. She has conducted reaseach in Effctive Teachers of Literacy, IT and literacy, writing and handwriting as well as teacher education. Her research interest particularly lies in Literacy and literature education; reading processes and practices; writing; use of ICT in English; texts for English teaching; early literacy; literacy curriculum issues. Read more ... 


Doctor Mahmood Moradi Abasabadi 

The University of Mazandaran, The Islamic Republic of Iran

Dr Mahmood Moradi Abasabadi is an assistant professor at the English Department of the University of Mazandaran. He received his BA from the University for Teacher Education, Tehran, Iran in 1989, his MA from the University of Tarbiat Modarres, Tehran, Iran in 1996, and his PhD from Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK in 2009. He is teaching ‘language testing’ and ‘research methods’ in both graduate and undergraduate programmes and ‘listening and speaking’ in undergraduate programme. His research interests include language testing in general and test impact in particular. Dr Moradi's full profile can be accessed via his own website.  Read more ...



Doctor Majid Nemati 

The University of Tehran, The Islamic Republic of Iran

Dr Majid Nemati received his PhD in applied Linguistics from Leicester University, Great Britain in 2000. He is currently Associate Professor at the University of Tehran where he is the head of the English Language and Literature Department. His area of interest includes applied linguistics, writing, ESP and first language acquisition. He has published a number of articles both in national and international journals and has given lectures in a number of local and international conferences. Besides, Dr Nemati has written and translated some books. He has also supervised a large number of research projects at the department, aiming at promoting applied linguistics in the country. Read more ...


Professor Farzad Sharifian

The University of Monash, Australia

Professor Farzad Sharifian is Director of the Language and Society Centre, and Convenor/founder of the programme of English as an International Language at Monash University, Australia. He has a wide range of research interests including cultural linguistics, cognitive linguistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, intercultural communication, Teaching English as an International Language, and political discourse analysis. Assoc. Professor Sharifian has widely published in many international journals and is the winner of multiple awards for his research including Edith Cowan University Research Medal and Early Career Researcher of the Year, Faculty of Arts, Monash University. He is the author of Language and Cultural Conceptualisations: Theoretical Framework and Applications (John Benjamins, 2011). Read more ...


Professor David Wray

The University of Warwick, Great Britain

Prof David Wray taught in primary schools for 10 years and is currently Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Warwick. He has published over 30 books on aspects of literacy teaching and is best known for his work on developing teaching strategies to help pupils access the curriculum through literacy. This has resulted in such innovations as the Extending Interactions with Texts (EXIT) model to guide the teaching of reading to learn, and writing frames to help with the writing of factual text types. His work has been made an integral part of the National Literacy Strategy at both primary and secondary levels. Read more ... 


Professor Esmail Zare Behtash

Chabahar Maritime University, The Islamic Republic of Iran

Prof Esmail Zare Behtash faculty member and the convener of MA students in Chabahar Maritime University, Iran. At the moment he is a visiting scholar at Oxford University in Oriental Institute. His publications cover two main areas: Victorian Literature and lexicography, writing bilingual dictionaries. Professor Behtash has presented a paper on the “Literature Review of FitzGerald’s Rubáiyát” at the University of Sydney (1992) and another paper on “FitzGerald’s Rubáiyát: A Victorian Invention” in the Nishabour International Seminar on Omar Khayyam (1999). He has also published articles in Persian on “Faith and Doubt in Victorian Poetry” (Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran) and “FitzGerald and Persian Literature” (Orientalia Suecana, Uppsala, Sweden). In July 2009 he presented a paper on the "reception of the Rubáiyát  by the Victorians" at Cambridge University.

Professor Behtash has published many books and since 2001 he has been working on a large-scale project, financially supported by his University, of a Comprehensive Collegiate Persian-to-English Dictionary expected to be published in 2012. Read more ...




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